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Selected public writing 

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Selected Talks and Conference papers

Interviewed for Richard Brooks’ BBC Radio 4 showThe Age of Consultancy” 02/09/2019

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, Massachusetts; Participant in the conference on: “Open Access for Anthropology: A Model for Universal OA” 24/04/2019

University of Edinburgh: Healthy and Sustainable Futures Exhibition: Water and Cholera in Haiti” 02/04/2019. Details available at: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/healthy-and-sustainable-futures-dr-felix-stein-on-his-research-in-haiti-tickets-54967834272?aff=ebapi

Brocher Foundation, Geneva. Chair of the panel discussion on : ‘The World Bank’s Economic Lens on Healthcare’. Part of the conference on ‘Disrupting Global Health Narratives: Alternative Perspectives on the World Bank’s Influence on Global Health Governance.’ 22/01/2019

Max Planck Cambridge Centre for the Study of Ethics, Human Economy and Social Change (Max-Cam), Podcast Interview 18/01/2019. Available at: http://maxcam.socanth.cam.ac.uk/index.php/2019/01/18/maxcamthropod-ii-felix-stein/

University of Cambridge, Department of Social Anthropology, Senior Research Seminars, 'Collaborating with elites? Re-considering research ethics in a corporate context' 19/10/2018

Max Planck Cambridge Centre for the Study of Ethics, Human Economy and Social Change (Max-Cam), Book Symposium: 'Work Sleep Repeat: The Abstract Labour of German Management Consultants' 18/10/2018

American Anthropological Association (AAA), Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., 'Collaborating with Elites? Re-considering research ethics in corporate contexts'. Panel: Ethnography in Elite White-Collar Contexts: Methods, Access, and Privilege when "Studying Up" . 02/12/2017

Rutgers University, Conference on 'Finance, Financialization and their Impact on the Right to Health'. 19/06/2017-21/06/2017 See the conference report here or download the [PDF]

London School of Economics and University of Kent conference on Anthropology and Wilful Blindness, 'Profitable Uncertainty and Wilful Blindness'. 16/06/2017-17/06/2017

University of Edinburgh, Usher Institute, Global Health Conference 'Ebola Bonds? The World Bank’s current financial activities around pandemic preparedness' 26/05/2017

University of Edinburgh, Usher Institute, Research Seminar 'A closer look at management consultants in healthcare' 18/05/2017

University of Bergen, Egalitarianism and Anthropology Working Group, 'Selves and Commodities - The moral economy of business consultants' 24/03/2017

University of Bergen, Senior Anthropology Research Seminar, 'Profitable Uncertainty' 23/03/2017

University of Cambridge, Social Anthropology Society, 'Selves and Commodities - The moral economy of business consultants' 22/02/2017

EASA Biennial Conference, Milan,'Selves and Commodities - The moral economy of business consultants' 20/07/2016.

Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPM), 'Economies of Legitimacy' 12/05/2016.

London School of Economics, Anthropology Student Away Day, 'Economies of Legitimacy' 17/02/2016.

London School of Economics, Inequalities Conference, 'Economies of Legitimacy' 27/11/2015.

American Anthropological Association (AAA), Annual Meeting, Denver, 'Permanent Urgency' 19/07/2015.

University of Cambridge, Clareity Research Symposium, Clare College, Cambridge, 'The tragedy of time management' 12/03/2015.

University of Warwick, Research Seminar, 'The tragedy of time management' 21/01/2015.