This section includes past and present teaching material, from anthropology lectures and supervisions as well as a global health lecture.


I have given lectures on Goods, and Services as part of the Anthropologies of Contemporary Capitalism at the University of Cambridge, together with Sian Lazar, as well as on The financialisation of global health at the University of Edinburgh. I have also been a guest lecturer on Anthropological Approaches to Economic Value, at the University of Warwick and I organised a lecture with subsequent Q&A on Anthropology through Film at the Sutton Trust Summer School in Cambridge.


At Cambridge, I have supervised over 40 students of social anthropology between 2014 and 2016, covering the following topics:

  • General Introduction to Anthropology (for first year undergraduate students), covering economics, kinship, politics, religion, theory & ethnography

  • Anthropologies of Contemporary Capitalism (for third year undergraduate students), including colonialism, goods, governmentality, labour, neoliberalism, services, sovereignty, finance

In 2018 in Haiti I put together an informal "very short introductory course" to Social Anthropology, which is why you will find several readings in French on this site.


At the University of Edinburgh my team and I are incorporating Wikipedia into teaching. Our aim is to train students on how to edit this free encyclopedia and to make a certain amount of mandatory edits part of their course. Hopefully, this will provide them with first-hand insights into the changing nature of today's publishing landscape. We recently organised a first Wikipedia edit-a-thon and are now training our students. You can find a first plan of how this can be done here [PDF].