This section of the website includes past and present teaching material, from anthropology lectures and supervisions.


I have given lectures on Goods, and Services as part of the Anthropologies of Contemporary Capitalism at the University of Cambridge, together with Sian Lazar. I have also been a guest lecturer on Anthropological Approaches to Economic Value, at the University of Warwick and I organised a lecture with subsequent Q&A on Anthropology through Film at the Sutton Trust Summer School in Cambridge.


At Cambridge, I have supervised over 40 students of social anthropology between 2014 and 2016, covering the following topics:

  • General Introduction to Anthropology (for first year undergraduate students), covering economics, kinship, politics, religion, theory & ethnography
  • Anthropologies of Contemporary Capitalism (for third year undergraduate students), including colonialism, goods, governmentality, labour, neoliberalism, services, sovereignty, finance


At the University of Edinburgh my team and I are trying to incorporate Wikipedia into teaching. Our aim is to train students on how to edit this free encyclopedia and to make a certain amount of mandatory edits part of their course. Hopefully, this will provide them with first-hand insights into the changing nature of today's publishing landscape. We recently organised a first Wikipedia edit-a-thon and are now looking into how best to train our students. You can find a first plan of how this can be done here [PDF].