Introduction to Social Anthropology

Video and audio

BBC Four Documentary on Bronislaw Malinowski

Greg Downey: Introducing Anthropology

Reading List

Astuti, R., J. Parry, & C. Stafford (eds) (2007) Questions of Anthropology. Oxford and New York: Berg.

Berg. Barnard, A. & J. Spencer (eds) (2011 [1996]) Encyclopaedia of Social and Cultural Anthropology. Second Edition. London: Routledge.

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Ingold, T. (ed.) (1994) Companion Encyclopedia of Anthropology: Humanity, Culture and Social Life. London: Routledge.

Online community

Check out some of these accessible online resources to find out what anthropology is all about:

  • Allegra Lab – A blog about all things anthropological 
  • Savage Minds – Another blog about all things anthropological 
  • Cultural Anthropology – A peer-reviewed open access journal that includes a wide variety of blog posts, teaching materials and multi-media content 
  • Hau – An open access theory journal that is peer reviewed 
  • The Ancestors Project – Interviews with famous anthropologists – past and present –  about their lives and works