New book by my brother

My brother Sebastian Stein just published a book, so I thought I would mention it here.


Hegel famously argues that the speculative method that grounds his claims about socio-political reality is the inevitable and superior alternative to all other ways of philosophical thinking. It is only in the light of this method and the system it begets that Hegel’s claims about socio-political reality can be evaluated. Does this open him to the charge of dogmatism? Are his claims about the rationality of monarchy, unequal gender relations, an unelected second parliamentary chamber and a corporation-based economy beyond revision? If not, does his political philosophy collapse into relativism? Since Hegel’s method is supposed to save him from either extreme, is there anything about his criticism of previous philosophies that could make his approach attractive to contemporary thinkers? Or is it preferable to focus on Hegel’s conclusions only, disregard his method and interpret him non-systematically?

This collection of new essays is dedicated to the questions that surround Hegel’s philosophical method and its relationship to the conclusions of his political philosophy. It contributes to the on-going debate about the importance of a systematic context for political philosophy, the relationship between theoretical and practical philosophy, it engages with contemporary discussions about the shape of a rational social order and gauges the timeliness of Hegel’s way of thinking.

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